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  • Never drink warm wine again

    Savor Every Sip

  • VoChill's Stemless and Stemmed Wine Chillers hold glasses of perfectly chilled wine in stylish glassware.

    elevate your wine drinking experience

    Keep The Chill In Your Glass

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  • your new favorite wine accessory

    Elevated, Effortless Wine Chilling

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We take temperature seriously.

The Gift That Keeps on Chilling

Our personal wine chillers are the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover.

Sip. Savor. Chill.

Savor the moment. Savor the experience. Savor every sip.

See what your fellow wine lovers are saying


  • "If you or anyone you know love wine, this is the perfect gift. It really keeps your wine cold which is wonderful if you like to drink your wine slowly. Highly recommend for all wine drinkers."

    Sherly H.

  • "This was created for true wine lovers that need a chilled glass without sticking a bottle in refrigerator/freezer. I absolutely love mine."

    Mia J.

  • "I love my VoChill! Keeps my wine glass perfectly chilled and obsessed with the classy design and shape!"

    Ashley W.

  • "I've enjoyed a quickly & lasting chilled glass of wine out by my pool. Plus I ordered a back up chiller to interchange to keep em coming."

    Christine G.

  • "It works! Love it! I love white wine and hate when it gets warm. Now I don’t have to rush keeps it crisp and fresh."

    Rita M.

  • "VoChill keeps my glass of wine chilled for a couple of hours and allows me to enjoy every last drop. Love my VoChill!"

    Nic S.