Extra Chill Cradle

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Keep on chilling without giving up your glass. We recommend always having an extra Chill Cradle™ on hand per-person. Simply swap your cradle for a freshly frozen one to continue enjoying perfectly chilled wine one glass at a time.

**VoChill Stand Required For Use

Instructions For Use:

  • Store the Chill Cradle in your freezer
  • Remove cradle from freezer & attach it to the stand
  • Wipe down after use. Hand wash only.
Designed in Austin, TX. Made in the USA
Patent and Patents Pending

The Wine Experience

Central to the wine experience is your glass. It allows you to enjoy your wine - to see its color, to concentrate its aromas to your nose, and to direct its taste across your palate. VoChill is designed to accentuate your stemmed wine glass while adding the critical component of temperature control - resulting in the perfect wine experience.

The Perfect Fit

Keep the chill without giving up your beautiful glass! Enjoy everything from a Bordeaux glass for reds, to a petite coupe for a crisp sparkling.

Rise above the wine tumbler and elevate your wine experience with VoChill.

Pairs with most stemware

VoChill is designed to pair with most standard stemmed glassware and will accommodate a wide range of glassware shapes. Wine glasses with larger than standard bowls that are wider than 3.75", or with extra long stems longer than 4.5" may not be suitable with VoChill. Use of stemless glassware is not recommended for VoChill.

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