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Stemless Wine Chiller

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Keep wine perfectly chilled in your own wine glass. No more clunky metal or plastic tumblers, or ice in your wine.
Detachable and refreezable Chill Cradle actively chills the wine in your glass.
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Hand-wash only. Glassware not included.

Stemless Testimonials

  • "Product is fantastic. My drink stayed cold for almost 2 hrs. Great looking product and works very well. I use it for drinks other than wine because it's so great!"

    Arlene C.

  • "Highly Functional The VoChill does a wonderfully satisfying job of keeping wine chilled in our stemless glasses. A wonderful product."

    Chris P.

  • "Fantastic I have the original VoChill but prefer my stemless glasses, so I was so excited when they released a stemless glass version. I have spent every weekend night on my back patio enjoying a beverage that stays cold and undiluted to the last drop. The VoChill will keep your drink cold for several hours. Highly recommend. I plan getting more for my guests."

    Elizabeth H.

  • "Last sip is the coldest #winning! These are the best creation, a little glamour to the table scape with the high end color option and most importantly keeping my actual wine glass chilled. I love them so much!"

    Erica M.

  • "VoCHILL IN THE DESERT | SO COOL LOVING IT... even with the 100+ temps it keeps my wine chilled :)"

    Heidi A.

  • "LOVE my VoChill! I have BOTH VoChill styles & love them. Keeps my wine cold. When my friends/fam see it/use it they want to order one too. Highly recommend!"

    Michele G.

  • "VoChill 👍🏼 My daughters love them."

    Teddi B.

  • "Perfect for Texas Summers These wine chillers are ingenious, and keep my wine (or any other beverage) cold in the insane Texas heat. They have quickly become a household staple! This company also has AMAZING customer service. I had an issue with my order, and a replacement was shipped about 20 minutes after I reached out to them. Will definitely be buying as gifts for friends!"

    Lauren J.

  • "VoChill makes Wine Drinking Better! I love VoChill. Keeps my wine chilled & now I can use Stem or Stemless Wine Glasses."

    Lindsay J.

Frequently asked questions

Our Stemless Wine Chiller actively chills one glass of wine (or a few) for two hours inside, and for up to an hour in shaded outdoor heat.

We recommend having an Extra Stemless Chill Cradle per person for longer sipping sessions.

VoChill’s Stemless Wine Chiller keeps whites, rosés and sparklings crisp and cool with long-lasting temperature control so you can enjoy your wine at its ideal temperature.

And it’s great for reds too — it will bring a room temperature red to cellar temp in minutes.

Our Stemless Wine Chiller accommodates most standard stemless wine glasses and will accommodate a wide range of glassware shapes. Naturally, glasses that have more surface contact with the Chill Cradle will perform best so please keep this in mind as you consider your glassware. Glasses with a flat bottom, such as a highball or whiskey tumbler, are not recommended.

Wine glasses with larger than standard bowls that are wider than 3.75 "may not be suitable with VoChill.

VoChill is not dishwasher safe. Please hand-wash only.

No, glassware is not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Heather i.F.
Love love love these!

I recently ordered two of the stemless vochill’s and I love them! I wish I became aware of them sooner, especially in these hot months right now. I ordered two so that I always have a frozen one to swap out when one starts to thaw.. but I have to say that’s at least a couple hours if not more. Will be buying more around the holidays for family and friends! Oh and I have many different shapes and sizes of stemless wine glasses, and so far they all fit well enough to stay cold, and they don’t rock around… they pretty much stay put in it 😍 The magnets are great and strong, and easy to pop out the inner part that goes in the freezer.

Ted F.
They Work.

My Girlfriend jokes that I drink my Wine faster than required for it staying cool. I have been using the VoChill's and my Wine does stay chilled. I have also started using it for my Bottled waters I have next to my Bed, each night.

Edward B.

Great product

Shea P.

Not only does my white wine stay cold but it also keeps my glass in place so I can snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix with no worry of it spilling!

Chris P.
Highly Functional

The VoChill does a wonderfully satisfying job of keeping wine chilled in our stemless glasses. A wonderful product.