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Stemmed Wine Chiller

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Keep wine perfectly chilled in your own wine glass. No more clunky metal or plastic tumblers, or ice in your wine.
Detachable and refreezable Chill Cradle actively chills the wine in your glass.
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Hand-wash only. Glassware not included.

Frequently asked questions

The Stemmed Wine Chiller actively chills one glass of wine (or several) for 1.5 hours inside, and for up to 45 minutes in shaded outdoor heat.

We recommend having an Extra Chill Cradle per person for longer sipping sessions.

VoChill’s Stemmed Wine Chiller keeps whites, rosés and sparklings crisp and cool with long-lasting temperature control so you can enjoy your wine at its ideal temperature.

And it’s great for reds too — it will bring a room temperature red to cellar temp in minutes.

The Stemmed Wine Chiller accommodates most standard stemmed wine glasses and will accommodate a wide range of stemware shapes — everything from a Bordeaux glass for reds to a petite coupe for a crisp sparkling. Naturally, glasses that have more surface contact with the Chill Cradle will perform best so please keep this in mind as you consider your glassware.

Wine glasses with larger than standard bowls that are wider than 3.75”, or with extra long stems longer than 4.5” may not be suitable with VoChill.

The Stemmed Wine Chiller is not dishwasher safe. Please hand-wash.

No, glassware is not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Great idea - a tad pricey

It’s a must have for wine drinkers (me!); however, I only purchased for myself so if we have visitors they are SOL. I’d get more but it is a tad pricey.

Ralph A.
Wine chillers

The chillers do a great job. My wine stays cool from start to finish even in hot weather.

Teri B.
Early Holiday Shopping

Since these are gifts for Christmas no review can be given yet. Will update after the holiday.

Linda S.
Almost Perfect

I have been enjoying my stemmed VoChill wine chiller. It’s elegantly and practically designed and has the added benefit of making me less likely to spill my wine because it is held securely in the stand. The only thing that would make this a perfect product is if the chiller held the chill longer.

Mary E.
Keeps it chilled!!

Works great to keep your wine chilled without having to add ice! The only drawback is that the VoChill unit drips from moisture, so do not leave on a wood table!!

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your review and we are so glad that you are enjoying your VoChill! Our products do have features built in to help minimize drips from condensation, but depending on the humidity and other conditions, it can be hard to prevent all drips from falling onto the tabletop. We are working to further improve our ability to capture all condensation for our stemmed glass chiller, and we are proud to say that our stemless product will capture all condensation!
Again, thank you! - Team VoChill